Tips to Help Your Business Achieve Effective Social Media Management

According to studies, 83 percent of all American consumers will check the Internet for reviews before purchasing a product or service. This statistic may lead business owners to scramble for SEO services to assure their website is among the first sites potential customers will see when researching online. However, search engines are not the only platform people can use to research a business’ products and services.

Key Elements

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have transcended stereotypical social media functions and have become portals to information. Many users “share” articles of interest on their profiles, allowing an article to spread faster than it normally would. As such, businesses would be wise to take advantage of this change. That said, here are a few tips to help you harness the power of social media websites:

Follow Back

When you notice someone has added your business’ social media profile, be sure to follow them back. Doing so increases your base audience exponentially. At the same time, share positive posts about your business on your profile to let everyone know that you take the time to read what people say about you and that you appreciate the kind words.

Stick to the Plan

If you have consulted experienced social media marketing companies, you probably already have a social media strategy in place. If so, Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today advises that everything you post on your social media profiles should be in line with your strategy:

“You need to have a strategic plan for social media, measureable goals for achievement. Once these are established, any and all content you create needs to be cross-checked against them to ensure it fits into the overall strategy.

Maybe you choose to do a story about the company’s sponsorship of a local sports team. Maybe you focus on the benefits your brand has delivered to a community. Whatever it is, once you have an idea down, you need to ensure the desired results align with, and reinforce, your strategic objectives…”

Using social media effectively requires you to constantly monitor your profile and post stories frequently. If you already have several social media accounts but feel that you can stand to benefit from better social media management, do not hesitate to contact a reliable social media marketing service like Spear Networking.

(Source: Five Key Elements in Writing High Quality Content; Social Media Today; January 13, 2014)

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