I was looking for a company that had a good reputation for high quality web design coupled with getting companies found on the Internet. I needed the boost in business that such an endeavor would provide. Spear Networking provided this and more for me. I couldn’t be happier with the increased business.

Bill WalkerDoctor

I was referred by a friend after hearing what they’ve done for her business. My friend did not steer my wrong. After only a couple of weeks, my business started to appear on Google for a couple of words I chose. After a couple of months, my business showed up for multiple words. As a result, my phone is ringing weekly with new clients. Thank you, Sara for pointing me in the right direction.

Helen GobbyChiropractor

Spear Networking has been managing and marketing my company’s reputation for a couple of months now. Not only do people now have an accurate view of my company, but I am becoming known in my local area. Thanks for taking care of my business.

Yuri BakerPhotographer

I went to Spear Networking to get my site recognized in my local area. After only a couple of weeks, my site was recognized and now I am on the first page. I have been getting an increase in clients ever since. What a difference this has made for my business.

Linda WayneDentist

I purchased the SEO and Local Buzz services to help get my company recognized locally and in other geopgrahical areas. After a couple of weeks, I am now recognized in my local area and am starting to get calls from customers outside of my local area who found me on the Internet. Couldn’t be happier.

Andrea AybarChiropractor

I needed to get recognized in my local area and Spear Networking helped my business achieve that. Customers are now finding me online which helped me save money in marketing in other mediums.

Julie JordanPhotographer

Spear Networking Corporation provided my business a professional website so customers can find my consulting business online. Using SEO, they ranked my business at the top for in the area of my choice. I am very pleased with the results I got from this company.

Luxia YorkFlorist

Spear Networking Corporation in Clinton, WA has helped me manage my reputation after several unfortunate misunderstandings with customers. After it was successfully managed, they marketed that reputation to several social media sites and the internet. This provided an influx of new customers to my business. I now have them working on my website and will then move to have them market that site to get even more customers. I am extremely excited of the possibilities

Nathan LeeDentist

My online reputation was not so hot after a couple of bad reviews from past customers. After handing this over they were able to turn my reputation around and develop a system for maintaining postive reviews and marketing this to the public. As a result, I see a difference in the number of new clients we are getting on a monthly basis. You can’t argue with that.

Ken RamosDentist

My company website is finally on the first page of Google for several important keywords in my industry. These keywords were very tough to rank for and it took some a couple of months to get it done, but after several recommendations for being patient, the wait finally paid off. Now, customers can easily find my business and the work begins. Thank, Spear Networking!

Maria GreenChiropractor