Customer reviews are a major factor in almost every type of online marketing.  And that’s because bad reviews show up in Google maps, Google plus listings, website rankings, and organic rankings.  Additionally, reviews show up in local directories like Yelp, City Search, Bing, Yahoo, and in Yellow Pages. Reviews have become a major factor in almost every type of online marketing.

The new reality is that social media, Pay Per Click, and local marketing do not work anymore if you have bad reviews or a bad reputation online.  It’s pretty simple.  Why would you want to do all this work and spend all this time and money getting to the top of the search engines when all that customers will find about you are bad reviews.  This really is a complete flip-flop in an online marketing strategy.  In the past, we used to get our page ranked on Google and make sure we were doing social media.  Only then did we work on getting some great customer reviews. Now, we need to first get those great reviews before we do online marketing.

We at Spear Networking Corporation recommend to customers that the first strategy they implement is to create a five-star reputation online about your business.  Then you market your products and services online through the traditional strategies.  Again, your phone is not going to ring unless you have a five-star reputation that companies or other businesses or customers are looking for.

Eighty percent of people surveyed had changed a purchase decision due to a bad review they saw online. With competition tighter than ever, businesses are seeing that Online Reputation Management and Marketing is now a necessity.

What is Online Reputation Management and Marketing?

It is pretty simple. It’s building a five-star reputation online and then going out and marketing that reputation. This is quickly becoming the most powerful and most trusted type of marketing that any business can do.

Your online reputation is important. With the large and ever-growing base of customers researching and evaluating businesses, your online reputation can gravely affect your potential client’s purchasing decision. For this reason it is vital to the success of your business that you are monitoring your online reputation and responding immediately to any negative reviews. These actions will counter the negative advertising and proactively  provide positive material with regards to your business, products and services.

Why Monitor Your Online Reputation?

Research put out by Bright Local says that seventy two percent of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.  For the first time in on online marketing, your online marketing can be just as powerful as referral marketing. The reason for this is because three out of four people trust reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

A business needs five-star reviews on their website and showing up in their business listings.

It is as good as someone’s mother saying you should go buy from this company.  It’s as good as someone’s best friend saying, you know what, you should use this type of a service.  I used it.  It was amazing. It’s just good as a colleague at work saying look, if you need that, you should go to this business.  They do a great job.

Seventy two percent of buyers trust reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

Nielsen is the top rating company in the world when it comes to advertising. They put on a survey which found that when it comes to the extent that you trust different forms of advertising, ninety two percent of people trust recommendations from people they know and seventy percent trust opinions based on online reviews.  We have one study saying seventy two percent trust online reviews and Neilson saying seventy percent.  This is huge!

That is more than newspaper or journal articles at 58%, TV ads at 47%, or e-mail marketing at 50%.

Get an online Reputation Management and Marketing consultation now to protect your business and NOT allow detractors to slow you down!

Online Reputation Management Services PDF

What We Do – Step by Step

  1. Build a Five-star Reputation – We design professional review postcards and business cards for our clients to hand out to their customers with a link to a private review page that we create for your business. We also provide email templates that can be used to send requests to customers to review your business. All of these strategies direct customers to a private review page where all of your reviews are funneled. The better reviews are then posted online and the bad reviews are handled internally. All the reviews are sent to you as they come in so you can deal with them right away.
  2. Market Your Five-Star Reputation – We will then leverage your five-star reputation by using social media and your website to promote your reputation.  We will set up your social media accounts by creating a personal profile or a business page. We then optimize your accounts with updates, joining groups, and by participating in discussions. We will customize your social network account URL in accordance with your branding initiatives. We’ll couple this with email and sales marketing for you. Companies that take advantage of this can literally double their sales closing. Just imagine the ability to sit in front of a customer that’s kind of on the fence of whether they should go with you or buy your product or services. Then you say “don’t take my word for it.”  You then can take them online and show them what other customers are saying with their five-star reviews.
  3. Manage Your Five-star Reputation – We will monitor your five-star reputation daily. Now there are a lot of companies that actually monitor their branding by using tools like Google alerts.  Unfortunately, Google alerts and hundreds of other tools don’t work when it comes to monitoring your reputation. These tools only work when someone types in your name and posts it or posts something about your product. Our proprietary system monitors and tracks all the major sites that your listing is on and reports the reviews to you. Every two weeks, we create a report to be able to give to our clients so they can see how their reputation is increasing online. More importantly, this report is incredible to be able to share with your staff so they know how they are doing. Additionally, we provide our clients daily review alerts.  If we see a negative or positive review posted, we’ll let you know so you can handle any potential problems right away.
  4. Create a Reputation Marketing Culture – You expect your staff to give first-class service to every single one of your customers, right? Well, what’s your plan to inspire your staff to give first-class service to those customers and get raving reviews?  We want to actually build a reputation marketing culture so your entire staff is on the same page. We use a personalized reputation training center for our customers. We have an education training center for every single staff member that teaches them about the importance of building and maintain a five-star reputation. We’ve developed training videos for every member of your team and even provide a quiz where we score their understanding. The way they treat the customer today and how great of an experience they have is the reason you’re going to get the next customer in the door.

As you can see, we partner with every single one of our customers to help them with their online reputation. We want to really change your culture and make a difference.  More importantly, we want to help companies that really provide great products and services in the marketplace build that five-star representation and be able to create a great reputation marketing strategy, because your reputation is everything.  It’s the most important ingredient for converting leads and dominating your market and really getting that phone to ring with new business.

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