Proper Placement of Your Keywords

Internet Marketing Management

Internet Marketing Management

Properly optimizing your web page can help out a lot when you want to start getting the attention of the search engines and build your Internet marketing management skills. It is not necessarily all about linking. You must realize that if you want to obtain the best position as possible in the search engines you must make sure your keywords are positioned in the right locations on your website. We are going to show you, in the next few paragraphs, where, why and how you should be using the keywords for your website.

The first thing the majority of you probably know that have used Internet marketing management strategies is that you should have the keyword or keyword phrase in the URL of the website. Of course this very same thing goes for all you bloggers on the market, each and every post should the keyword in the URL. This is extremely simple to do with a WordPress platform as you’re able to change the link while you’re writing your post.

Internet Marketing Management – The Headings

Another thing people don’t usually consider are the H1, H2 and the H3 tags within the web pages. You want to be sure that your keyword or phrase is actually included in all of these tags for proper Internet Marketing. Getting your keywords in these tags will allow the search engine crawler to pickup what your website is about.

Many of you likely have heard about the first sentence rule. This simply means that no matter if you’re developing a post or an Internet site your keywords need to be inside the first sentence of your website or post. Additionally, there is the last sentence rule that many of you have most likely not heard of. It follows the same action of the earlier rule, however, this refers to the last sentence in your site.

Keyword Placement

There’s another factor you need to deal with when using Internet marketing management strategies: keyword density, which is also important. This is basically the amount of times your keyword and key phrase is found on the web page compared to the quantity of words on the page. A good basic standard for the keyword density would be to keep it between 3 and 5 percent. Any more than that and the search engines may well target your page for keyword stuffing and you may be flagged for poor Internet Marketing Management.

Another thing you will want to manage is how you format each of the keywords on the page. Making use of bold, italic and underlining can also be very important when it comes to your keywords. You should be sure to do this with the majority of your keywords. So each time your keyword shows up in the content it needs to be in one of those three formats. Don’t just use one structure like bold. You really need to use them all and mix them all up. While some people just bold each and every instance of their keyword this is not the best way to do it.

There you have it. If you adhere to these simple tips you will find that you will be able to increase your search engine ranking for your website or web page and increase your Internet marketing techniques. This is just a small tip, though it may be vital to build links to your home page, you should also be creating these links for every page on that site.

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