Go from Traditional to Internet Marketing with an Online Marketing Consultant

Time and again, today’s advertising industry insiders have said that traditional advertising methods are no longer as powerful as they used to be, but to what extent? Search Engine Journal contributor Bernadette Coleman provides some insight on the decline of traditional advertising methods in an article dated August 16, 2013.

  • Only 18% of TV ad campaigns generate a positive ROI
  • Newspapers are facing circulation declines
  • Not many people listen to the “Radio” now unless it’s their own station on Pandora

Given these facts, it makes sense for business owners to work with an experienced online marketing consultant to help them get started on internet marketing campaigns. By promoting a product or service online instead of traditional methods like newspaper print ads or TV or radio spots, businesses are able to reach out to their target audience on a much wider scale.

Go from Traditional to Internet Marketing with an Online Marketing Consultant

In addition, TV ad campaigns often cost thousands of dollars (even millions, when advertising during much-anticipated events like the Super Bowl). By contrast, an accomplished internet marketing specialist like one from Spear Networking Corporation can launch an online campaign at competitive costs using different forms of internet advertising.

In pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, business owners pay the agreed-upon rates only when a potential customer visits the website or looks through the information on the product or service being offered. To launch a successful PPC ad campaign though, marketing professionals have to utilize the right keywords first. This means these pros have to know the actual keywords used by internet users when the latter do a product or service search on Google and other search engines.

Social media optimization, another form of online advertising, is also a cost-effective way to build product or service awareness. Social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter are social media platforms that can be used for free, keeping advertising costs at a minimum. If these social networks are used wisely, business owners can engage with their customers and build a loyal customer base successfully.

“In with the old and out with the new” is often heard when people herald the New Year. It’s an adage that also applies to traditional advertising and online advertising. As the utilization of newspaper print ads and TV and radio spots are in decline, maybe it is high time for businesses to concentrate on online advertising strategies instead.

(Source: Internet Marketing Statistics You Can’t Ignore [Infographic], searchenginejournal.com, August 16, 2013)