Spear Networking Corporation is an Internet marketing company operating out of Clinton, Washington. We provide our services to entrepreneurs, professionals, small businesses, and also corporations. We also provide services to private or nonprofit entities like schools, hospitals, and basically any organization that hopes to have a strong online presence and needs to reach their potential clients.

We are unique from the competition in a way that may seem obvious, but, judging by our feedback, we are finding that it has made all the difference in our success. Our secret is that we actually listen to our clients’ needs and their customers. Our testimonials and reviews attest to this fact.  In simple terms, we’ll implement an agreed upon marketing strategy for you and will then represent your brand and your company’s name in everything we do. We recognize how much your business and brand means to you and your success and subsequently consider ourselves an important part of your team making every effort to make your business or enterprise successful.

We realize that maintaining a presence online can oftentimes be confusing and time consuming. We help our customers establish and maintain a strong presence in the digital arena through targeted campaigns. These solutions are affordable, meaningful, and reliable. One or our Internet marketing specialist will work close work closely with you to ensure this.

We keep our client-base small enough to provide personalized service so we are able focus our attention and experience on your larger needs in the digital arena.

We specialize in Web Design, Website Audits, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Local Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click Marketing & AdWords Remarketing, and Online Reputation Management and Marketing.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is also our guiding philosophy. We chose to implement this methodology in everything we do:

Assess – Plan- Implement – Measure – Report – Improve

You will find a similar methodology in all major research and in every successful business.

Whether your needs include a year-long Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort, or a simple image banner for your webpage, we consider the marketplace you have to reach. We make every effort to ensure our work benefits your brand and business or enterprise. That is the reason we always begin with a thorough assessment of exactly what your needs are and just what results you anticipate to get from our work. We ensure this via in-depth consultation and research.

Only then can we plan and propose the best solution for your internet marketing needs and challenges. Together with your approval, we implement the strategy and monitor and report on its progress. We improve it in accordance with the results and repeat the process.

This process is the very reason for our success and why our customers recommend us and continue to renew their services with us.

Our Dashboard System

Unlike freelancers together with other internet marketing agencies, we provide our clients progress reports on a continuous basis. We utilize a reporting dashboard where you are able to find all the information, research, and data regarding your specific campaign(s). Our reporting system ensures that we providing a high level of service and that all processes and data are available and in place. Most importantly for you as the client, that all goals are accomplished on time.